Issues in Human Resource Management: Performance

issues in human resourcesDeloitte, a major consulting firm, recently unveiled seven leadership trends for future business success. Highlighting the seven human resource industry trends is what Deloitte calls the “Performance Management Puzzle.”

According to the Deloitte website, 58 percent of human resource leaders surveyed gave their organization’s performance management process a “C” grade or lower. This means the majority of the people in charge of managing human resources for organizations believe their organizations have in place a performance management system that is average at best.

What Employees Want

The primary objective of human resources management is to implement policies and standards that maximize productivity. Managing human resources does not mean sitting behind a desk and manipulating numbers on a spreadsheet. However, a majority of human resources managers appear to rely on cold numbers, instead of finding better ways to engage employees and measure job performance.

Deloitte contends that since work processes have dramatically evolved over the years, the time has come to play catch up with performance measurement standards. Employees now expect immediate feedback of their job performances, instead of waiting months to hear about their performances in a 30-minute, formal employee review. Employees want to know how they can improve their job skills today, not five months down the road when most likely, the original enthusiasm they had for their jobs has waned.

What This Means for Human Resource Management

It seems that human resource industry trends come and go, without much attention paid to the vast majority of fleeting trends. Performance management efforts, however, will always be an essential part of any well-run company. Good employees want their organizations to reward them for hard work and productivity. They want a clear path cleared for them to progress in their careers and the only way they can achieve that is if human resource management provides continuous feedback and instruction that helps employees grow professionally on the job. If you work in human resources, you understand that employees have rising expectations that directly impact their job performances.

Saint Francis University Online Master of Human Resource Management

The professionals who work in human resource management understand that continuing education forms the foundation for their career progression. Yet they shy away from enrolling in a human resources management program because they do not have the time to attend classes on campus. Earning an online human resources degree at Saint Francis University eliminates the logistical problem of trying to work full-time and attend school.

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Most importantly, you and other human resources managers will share work experiences and explore new ways to solve the performance management puzzle.

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